The Collinwood Observer

What I Didn’t Know Til Now

50 years OR a little further back
when, with civil disobedience
tactical non-violent resistance
the intention being
others retention in seeing
laws could be broken
with the hope of revoking,invoking,
instilling the problem in others view
all the while knowing
their debts, punishments
must be paid, accepted, in silence
what justice had made
in creating still the monster
with no mention of the interjection
of ANY kind of violence
for the laws, the NOT real laws
Jim Crow distortions of perceptions
from people with conceptions, designs & intentions
separated but equal
no equality at all
that less is the same, maintaining
more (a lie), so large & big causing
a soul to die in another
a sister or brother, in humanity, Mankind.
For we all know, ever knowing
less is NEVER More
what the definition had in store
equal-separate-NOT- at all
Jim always did ignore
the laws of physics
and in reality
subjecting others to inhumanity,
“Oh, the inhumanity of it all.”
“Humanity, none at all.”
Only explainable in the way
immediacy of the mind could mean
thirty days
misunderstandable distortions
creatively defining,
unfair situations, positions & places
minority possibilities restrained.
Erasing even less
while others retained more
NEVER less
acceptance of this all a mess
for who could tolerate this
(Or who who would want to)
maintain this intolerance?
Inhumanity, ideals no God could explain
formed in the depths of Satan’s plane
hells & fires flame where crosses burn
with the insane
in the demons, devil’s domain
all others, God retained, detained
with those of the same virtues
arete, no Sophists need paid
even while knowing equality means
the same for all
nevermore,when all else fails
United- all man will stand
arm in arm
hand in hand
making sure there is no harm
all may answer God’s call
Achieve their dreams
Maintain the highest standards
Climb whatever mountain they may explore
Even when life may say,
when the walls, hurdles & illusions
Tell you,
“They’re all delusions,”
“Don’t come to the conclusion..,”
that they are yours.
Accept they will never be yours? No…
But on you endure
never stopping on your way
to the next, brighter day
a helping hand reaches
no matter the color, sex or clan
“Call on me,” they say
“Your fellow man.”
Even if and when (especially when)
you don’t understand
my cultures, beliefs, ideals,traditions
(even if you don’t believe my intentions!)
those are truly only conditions
of my history, genes, or tribe
however you want to understand
of what I subscribe, I do not hide
Demanding ONLY
Acceptance with pride
of me and mine!, for me and mine!
For in me you have a lended hand
provided with a shoulder on which to stand
whatever else unrelated
anything further, discriminated
if any more is needed to know
my story you must surely go
for without it you do ignore
not able to know what is in store
knowing haught of me you know no more
individuality ignored how I got to be
unique, ME, all mine
sublime and divine
created, related, man, all related
accept me, don’t reject me
on what you have known
of others or a group
no stories two, alike, unknown
for I am me, alone, only known.
When done call it, discimination,
negative conclusions
illusions turned into delusions
causing confusion
groups, individuals together
relatable in only YOUR hatred
while ALL should be together
all the bullshit unrelated
but together no more, where we ever
by your store and door
knowledge ignorance,uneducated , untrue
Sometimes wanting to ask,
“What have I ever done to you”
to make me say
dampen each day
About things not known true
incensing violence, hatred,intolerance
from your indifference to me,
should be none at all.